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Gas Line Plumbing in San Francisco

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 Many appliances rely on gas to operate. Whether you are building a home from the ground up or simply need a new line connected, our team at Hydroflow can help. With our reliable gas line plumbing in San Francisco, we keep our clients comfortable and safe. No installation or repair is too difficult for our specialists to handle. 

How a Gas Line Installation Can Benefit a Home

Natural gas is a great source of eco-friendly energy for houses all over San Francisco. This fuel produces relatively fewer greenhouse emissions and pollution than other sources. Additionally, it is much cheaper as well, and it is readily available in most houses. 

Just a few of the appliances that can benefit from a gas line installation include:

  • Grills
  • Barbeques 
  • Ovens and stovetops
  • Water heaters
  • Boilers
  • Much more!

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Ways to Tell That Your Gas Line Needs to Be Repaired

Although gas lines are very helpful in the number of appliances they can fuel, it is not healthy for people and pets to breathe in the fumes. Normally, gas pipes are very tough, so none of the gas can escape. However, a small crack needs to be fixed right away. Since natural gas is not visible and does not have an odor, it might seem difficult to spot trouble. Fortunately, a special substance called mercaptan always accompanies gas during a leak. Mercaptan has a horrible odor like rotting eggs. If this smell is present, or if a powdery ash-like substance is found near the line, reach out to our team immediately.

For true peace of mind, get in touch with our licensed specialists at (415) 966-2498 for gas line plumbing in San Francisco.

When Should Gas Lines Be Replaced

Having a faulty gas line is highly dangerous. Although minor issues can be quickly repaired, it may be better to have the entire line replaced, especially if issues keep happening. If the signals of a problematic gas line keep occurring even after repairs, a replacement is in order.

Some of the most common reasons a gas line should be replaced include occasions when:

  • The seals have broken – Gas lines depend heavily on tight seals, known as spigot seals or bell joint seals. These seals may dry out with age, cracking or even breaking completely.
  • The fittings were not properly installed – Perhaps a previous plumber did not install the pipe correctly, or the fittings were slightly too small or big. In either case, our specialists must replace the fittings right away.
  • The joints and connectors have worn down – These connective parts can become eroded, eventually springing a leak. It is important that part of the pipe with even the tiniest hole is replaced, since escaping gas is very harmful for residents to breathe.

When gas lines have reached 40 to 50 years of age, they will likely have suffered a lot of corrosion. Residents who aren’t sure how old their gas lines are should speak to our team at Hydroflow right away.

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