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Although sewers may not be our favorite things to think about, they are essential for every property. Sewers transport contaminated water and toxic waste away from the house into the main municipal line. However, they can become clogged or leaky with much use. Without reliable San Francisco sewer services, it would be impossible to get through the day. For trustworthy sewer inspections, replacements, or any other related support, speak to our team at Hydroflow. 

How Often Should a Sewer Be Inspected?

The idea of peering into the depths of a sewer system is probably not very appealing. However, no matter how unpleasant the contents of a sewer may be, it is a mistake to ignore this crucial pipe. Even though a sewer line is very tough, it will eventually wear out over time. Residents should schedule regular inspections to check that the pipe’s interior and exterior are both secure. The question is just how often such an inspection should be arranged. Experts say that on average, a sewer should be checked at least once a year, just to maintain its overall health. However, if the line is starting to experience back-ups or clogs, it may require an earlier examination.

Signs That a Sewer Requires Repair

Because a faulty sewer can be an absolute nightmare if it is allowed to burst open, it is always a good idea to take a proactive approach. When the sewer line is just beginning to experience issues, do not hesitate to contact our team of sewer experts. Simply by looking out for signs of danger, homeowners can benefit from prompt and effective repairs. 

It is a good idea to reach out to our specialists whenever noticing:

  • Sudden bursts of vivid green grass or other plant life in the yard
  • Repeated instances of clogs in the bathtubs, toilets, or sinks
  • Noisy gurgling or rushing water even when the tap is not being used
  • Puddles or damp patches scattered throughout the backyard
  • Clear signs of rotting sewage that has leaked from the pipe
  • An influx of insects and rodent pests 

Keep these all-essential lines running reliably by contacting our experts at (415) 966-2498 or getting in touch online.

The Importance of Avoiding Over-the-Counter Sewer Cleaners

As much as we try to avoid clogging the sewer line, it will eventually get blocked up by a whole range of items, from hair to sanitary products to children’s toys. Homeowners may begin to panic when they realize that their sewer is clogged. This might tempt them to buy over-the-counter cleaners, which are both cheap and even seemingly effective at first. The problem with these cleaners, however, is that they contain harsh chemicals that burn away the sewer’s lining. What started as a small clog can develop into worse corrosion from these powders or liquids. To truly avoid the consequences of a broken sewer, turn to our team at Hydroflow instead. 

Learn more about our San Francisco sewer services by calling our insured technicians at (415) 966-2498.


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